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  • Testimonials

    “Hey thanks guys. You kind of saved my social life. I was really depressed. With my new “look”, I feel confidence that I haven’t had in many years.”

    “I was tired of being called an old man. I tried transplants, they didn’t work. Now I feel & look 17 years younger.”

    -Frank (47) years
    “My profound thank you to Merlyn. I was just miserable. I stopped going places. I tried a wig bought off of the internet. It was so bad, & very detectable that I almost gave up hope. I love the new me.”

    “At Vadim, I had a great feeling from the very start. The staff was very professional. The head tech. really knows her craft. Being in the military, my new crew cut had to be perfect.”

    My thanks to you. I love Bill’s new hair. How did you do it? I can’t tell.”